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Unique IT Services for Your Business

SOBE I.T. Computer Repair offers the following services:



Removing viruses and spyware can pose a challenge to even the most seasoned veteran repairperson. In some cases the operating system needs to be reinstalled. In any case, I charge a flat rate fee for this of $70.


Your computer is running slow, opening webpages takes minutes instead of seconds, you have popups during startup that are bothersome. It's time for a tune-up! Within between an hour or two, I can have your computer running better for the low price of $70.


It doesn't make sense to me to charge you to tell you your computer can't be fixed without spending enough to be able to buy a new one. Therefore I offer free diagnostics and will quote you a price for the repairs and parts. Then you can decide if it's affordable to you. You will need to bring the computer to my shop for this free service. If I come to you, it's $20.

HOME and OFFICE NETWORK SETUP - Wired and Wireless

I can set up your network for you, in your home or office, with file and printer sharing, between Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines all working seamlessly for $95.


If your computer is virus infected beyond repair, I can reload the operating system for you for only $70. If you wish to have your files backed up and prescanned for viruses before reinstalling them, this is included in the price.


If you need software installed and don't want to be bothered with the hassels, I can do this for you for $30.


If you have a new printer or one you are moving from another computer to be installed, I can do this for $60


On-site trainng in easy to understand laymans terms and using hands-on training techniquies, I only charge $70 for up to two hours.

Computer Problems?

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$60 flat rate (parts extra) to do whatever it takes to get the computer running right!

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